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Adekunle Oluwaseyi Falola an expert crypto trader and a blockchain enthusiast also known within the crypto space as cryptosmart or Heswaicrypt is…

As a child, he loved the idea of building things and he built quite a number of toys for himself. He is a multi-skilled creative generalist.  Adekunle is a certified Mechanical Engineer, a graduate of Federal University of Technology Akure. He had always been fascinated about doing business even at an early age, he heavily influenced by his mum a serial entrepreneur herself and later Elon Musk. He is also a drone builder and he took up the challenge of being the very first student to build a drone from scratch successfully as his final year project in his department.


Oluwaseyi got into the crypto space in 2016, quite early because cryptocurrency trading wasn’t popular in mainstream at the time and adoption was not as high as we have it now. He says he took his time to learn about and understand the blockchain and crypto space. With a some losses and also many wins. Getting into the crypto space with no mentors at the time meant he as self-taught and had to rely on all the information he got from the internet.

Teamlead Dexfiat

In 2020, Oluwaseyi and his team founded Dexfiat a non-custodian decentralized system for crypto trading and cross border fiat transfer. The crypto and fiat ecosystem has seen a lot of value and potential over the years, but there are still some challenges with adoption, integration and utility. One of the goals of the Bitcoin creator “Satoshi” is to decentralize the monetary system, increase transaction speed and enable person to person transactions without a trust-less third party. This vision aligns with what Dexfiat has to offer.

Dexfiat enables a decentralized community easy, reliable, fast and secure access to fiat and cryptocurrencies while enabling cross-border transfer and generating earning opportunities to protocol users.

Cross-border payment settlement through the blockchain.

Despite the fact that Dexfiat is yet to launch into the main stream, they currently have 800 user on waitlist as they continue build their solution ad make it more efficient for users. The Dexfiat’s model enables fiat ramp and seamless person to person fund transfer across multi-nation’s ecosystem. This models also provides earning opportunity to protocol user, that’s is the people that makes this model function, the liquidity providers (LPs). Majority of the fees generated in Dexfiat goes to liquidity providers, more than 70% in this case. The platform is easy to navigate and understand by users.

The Dexfiat team consist of 16 members, 5 fulltime paid staff and 11 others with token shares in the business.


His biggest business breakthrough he says is the quality of people he has been able to talk to and connect with in his business career as well as emerging as the governor at HarmonyNaijaDAO governors,  a Decentralized autonomous organisation DAO on the Harmony Blockchain. Harmony Nigeria DAO is an organization of dedicated and committed Nigerians bringing Defi to all Nigerians. Onboarding many Naija BuidLers on Harmony Protocol, raising diverse voices in tech and creating an enabling environment for more dreamers to discover themselves.


About his biggest clients so far, he says he owes a lot of gratitude to his mentor, his dad and other top clents.

The future projections for Dexfiat according to Oluwaseyi include the following;

  • To see the Total Value Locked (TVL) at 200 million dollars.
  • To ensure the adoption of Dexfiat as a decentralized system globally and hit 1 million active users in 3years.

A serial entrepreneur in every right, Oluwaseyi has his hands in many pies businesswise. Other businesses he owns include; Cryptosmart analysis, HT drones, Product Design and Analysis and an Event design company.

You can follow Oluwaseyi on social media to learn more about all that he does as well as check out his business website. Find links below.








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