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Anxiety as Blood Bank at UCH, Ibadan still suffers epileptic power supply, Patients cry out

Some Patients in need of blood at the University College Hospital (UCH) are still in dilemma as the blood bank of the institution still lacks regular power supply to deliver on its prescribed functions to the needy patients.

Blood bank is one of the very important departments in UCH. It is the place, where bloods are donated, screened, and stored for patients that are in need of blood transfusion to stay alive.

Few days ago, news went viral on the media space that patients on admission in the health facility that may be in need of blood are in great danger.

The news went further to allege that lack of adequate power supply has made a mess of the department, as the personnel on some occasions would have to use torchlight from the phones or other gadgets to work.

The report also stated that donated blood could not be properly screened and stored any longer because of the lack of power supply to the blood bank.

According to the report, health officers have resorted to the use of light from their handsets to transfuse blood to patients high brought to fore that the allegation of lack of regular power supply was not limited to the Blood Bank alone, but the entire hospital because blood cannot be transfused in the Blood Bank, but in the wards, under the supervision of at least a medical doctor.

The report raised the alarm that a number of patients had lost their lives because they could not get blood from the blood bank.

This scenario made an independent investigator to visit the UCH on Monday with startling revelation that the report may not be far from the truth after all.


An independent visit was made to the Blood Bank of UCH some days after the reports had come out and the UCH management had also responded to the allegations.

As this investigator approached the Blood Bank, he discovered that the neon light at the entrance of the blood bank was working. It displayed this information: “Welcome to University College Hospital, Ibadan Blood Bank. The bulbs outside the building that houses the Blood Bank, as well as front desk of the department showed that there was power supply to the department at that moment.

But the staff in the department, who spoke of the condition of anonymity said there was no regular power supply to the unit. They insisted that power supply to te department has been epileptic.

One of them said: “If I tell you the real situation, who will you say give you the information. We cannot fight the management because we have not secured jobs in another place,” of which the investigator said he would protect the identity of the member of staff. The investigator said he was sent to the place to gather first-hand information that cm be used by strategic stakeholders to help the teaching hospital in form of inverters or solar power system.

Then, the member of staff continued: “It is true that we have problem of power supply to this place. Regular power supply is very important to what we do here at the Blood Bank. There won’t be effectiveness in the administration of blood bank if there is no regular power supply.

“What we do is that we make official record of the time blood is donated as well as when blood is brought for screening. We have also been making official recordings of when we have power supply an when we do not have. The management can request for the records and see for themselves.

“But we have generators, about two or three of them, serving this department. But what about the fueling. We cannot fuel them with our personal money. The management should do something not it.

“Also, the issue that some patients lost their lives because they could not get blood w don’t know anything about that. Any person, whose date of death has come must die. We have enough blood. People come for blood here. I read the report too in the media. The situation is not as worse as it is being painted. Now that you are here, we are running on generator and that is why you saw light in this place. Let me tell you something, I am on afternoon duty and I resumed by 2pm. There was no power supply until the generator was switched on around 3p.m. At times, we do have electricity fron Ibadan Disco.

“The management once said the cost of running generators for 70 per cent of the hospital in one hour is in the region of N200,000 because a litre of diesel is about N850. But things cannot continued like this. Permanent solution should be found to tr power challenge. Solar power system or provision of inverters will okay for us.”


Swiftly, the UCH management responded to the allegations. The Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC) and Director of Clinical Services, Dr Abiodun Adeoye, said there is no report of total blackout and blood bank downward trend in the hospital. He added that there was no record of any negative blood transfusion or reaction in the hospital.

“Concerning the report, I can tell you that we are surprised, because as the Director, Clinical Services, I am not aware of such. Immediately I heard about the report, what I did was to call the Head of Department and she said there was no such issue. We called the Engineering Department as well to confirm, but they said they were also surprised that something like that was reported. We called our assistants and others who worked with us and they told us it was not true. We all found out that the information could not be true. We don’t know, maybe some certain people are not happy with the progress we are making; though, we cannot be perfect hundred per cent.

According to him, the hospital has many generators, which ar expensive to run on diese. He added however, that the hospital was making use of more than 40 generating sets of cost implications.

“We used to make sure that our service areas were not affected when there was a power outage. We deprived some offices because of the comfort of ourselves or that of the Chief Executives as we can bear it. But our priority is the patients in the hospital. Specifically, for the Blood Bank, a philanthropist donated a new generating set to the unit in October, 2022. But we have a permanent solution we are looking at. We want to increase the presence of inverters in all these service areas and the Blood Bank is among. As a matter of fact the Blood Bank is the next on the line to get these inverters. We are also looking at the Independent Power Project (IPP),” Adeoye said.

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