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35+ Lucrative Pet Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria Or Africa

35+ Lucrative Pet Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa | Image: Pixabay

Reports from global market trends reveal that from 2020 to the first half of 2021 alone, pet care soared at a CAGR of 6.1% from $216 billion in 2020 to over $232 billion. Yet, there are strong indications that by 2027, the pet care industry would be worth at least $350 billion.

As an indication of its growth, the pet care industry has witnessed a surge of business opportunities and innovative ideas within the past decades. All across the world, lovers of pets continue to increase, and as a result, need one care service or another for their pets from time to time.

If you’re a lover of pets, it is easy to understand why these care services are important. But beyond making those cute little friends of ours, comfortable pet care services also create business opportunities.

If you want to make money through pet care, here are 35+ lucrative pet business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world.

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1). Pet House Construction:

All pets, ranging from bunnies to cats and puppies require unique residential structures. Pet lovers or individuals considering keeping pets inevitably have to think of getting a suitable pet house for their pets. Hence, there is always a demand for pet house builders in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world.

Adding a touch of creativity to your services would go a long way to carving a strong clientele for your pet house construction business.


2). Feed Production Business:

Just like humans, pets have their respective preferred feed. Therefore, an interested entrepreneur can start a pet feed production business in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world. All this business requires is a foundational knowledge of the different feed components for each type of pet, ranging from common to unusual pets.

For legal reasons, it is important to register your business with the necessary bodies and get the required operational permits.


3). Cat Breeding Business:

Cat breeding can be practised as a hobby but it could also be a lucrative pet business idea if you apply the right business strategies. First, ensure to understand the particular breeds that can withstand the weather conditions of your environment and get the required safety facilities to house and keep your cats from danger or attacks from prey.

You can also consult with experienced cat keepers in your locale for tips and advice on what errors to avoid.

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4). Dog Walking Services:

Most dog owners engaged in multiple daily activities and 9 – 5 businesses do not always have the luxury of time to walk their dogs. The same applies to celebrities and public figures. Hence, they require the services of professional dog walkers to walk their pets around.

Walking dogs is important for sound dog health because it strengthens their bones and boosts mental stimulation. It also prevents them from getting bored and showing bad behaviour.


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5). Veterinary Service:

Vet services are important for pet and animal health. This is a limited business idea because only professionally trained veterinary doctors are allowed to practice. However, practising veterinary care is one of the lucrative pet business ideas because there are very few experts in the field.

In most cities and towns, the ratio of available veterinary clinics to the number of pets is grossly imbalanced. With the proper licenses and a standard clinic to tend sick animals and keep them in good shape, you’re in for serious business in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world.


6). Aquarium Installation Service:

Setting up an aquarium is a technical service that requires special skills. There are several factors involved, ranging from tank size to fish type as well as the appearance of the aquarium. As a professional, your service includes getting quality tanks as well as installing them for fish lovers in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world.

More so, you could also undertake maintenance services and get paid for regular checks on the aquarium in order to ensure the safety of both the fish pets and the owner.

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7). Pet Blogging:

Pet lovers who have an interest in blogging can combine their passion with their hobby and make money from pet blogging. Pets are lovely cute creatures, and pet lovers all across the world are always captivated by web content about pets.

As a pet blogger, you could share your personal experiences with your pets’ fun moments, ideas, suggestions, feeds, etc. and invite other pet owners to share their ideas. As you consistently do this, you will slowly build a community of readers who will regularly visit your blog for more interesting pet-related content.


8). Pet YouTube Channel:

Similar to blogging, vlogging or starting a YouTube channel is another way to document your experiences with your pets and generate engagement from other web users. You can also share tips on how to feed pets depending on the pets in focus or share funny or educational videos of your pets.

Creating a YouTube channel in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world is an ingenious way to make money from what you love doing.


9). Dog Training Business:

Dog training is an essential service needed both by dog owners and the security forces. The act of training dogs involves conditioning the behaviour of dogs to partake in one activity or another or assisting with significant roles, which may be domestic or investigative, as in the police search team.

Dogs are intelligent animals and can be trained to engage in one activity or another but this requires special skills. Any interested individual can learn the basics of dog training and effectively train dogs to adopt and practice helpful skills.

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10). Pet Photography:

Pet lovers with a knack for photography can turn their hobby into a source of income. Individuals and families with pets consider their furry little ones a part of their families or their lives. Hence, they love to always keep memories of them alive.

Starting a pet photography business can earn you income. More so, using the right props and costumes, you could help families create lasting fun memories of their pets, immortalized in images.


11). Pet Sitting/Daycare Business:

The pet daycare business is fast becoming a trend in most parts of the world. It is now one of the pet business ideas with high prospects in the pet care industry. Rather than leave their pets, especially dogs, at home all day while they are at work, some pet owners prefer to leave them at pet daycare centres where they get ample care and mix with other animals.

A pet daycare is different from a pet park since the former serves the specific purpose of taking care of pets while the owners are unavoidably absent.


12). Pet Toys Retail Business:

Pet toys are now increasing in demand as pet owners continue to understand that their pets, especially as dogs could get bored and this affects their behaviour. In most places, dog toys enjoy the highest rate of market demand. However, interested entrepreneurs looking to delve into the pet toys retail business should identify which particular pet toys have a higher market demand in their selected area.

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13). Pet Yard Cleaning Service:

Having pets around the house sure comes with its downsides. Pets are lovely animals but they often leave so much mess around the yard that pet keepers sometimes find it enormous to clean. At this point, most pet keepers prefer to employ the services of cleaners.

Pet yard cleaning involves removing dirt from pet yards and making them clean and safe for pets to stay.


14). Pet Store Operator:

Dog toys are not the only pet supplies that make money. There are a lot of other pet materials that enjoy regular patronage all year round. They include dog harness, cat mats, pet beds, leashes, collars, etc.

Opening a pet store is one of the least demanding pet business ideas. With sufficient capital and a favourable location, you can make a successful pet store in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


15). Pet Cage Production:

Pet cages can be built both indoors and outdoors. Owners with only a few dogs can build their dog cages in the living apartment but it is advisable for dog keepers with seven or more dogs to position their cages outdoors.

As a cage producer, you can make ready-made cages of different sizes and put them up for sale across several platforms, both online and offline. On the other hand, you could make custom-made cages on contract.

Cage production is a lucrative pet business idea because cages are essential items for all pet owners in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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16). Tag Customization Services:

Pets like dogs and cats could use tags when visiting parks where they get to mix with other dogs. Tags are also essential for pet keepers who breed a lot of them. For easy identification and proper documentation, pets are named and their names are inscribed on their tags.

This pet business idea creates an opportunity for interested individuals with enough creativity to craft custom-made names on pet tags.


17). Pet Show Business:

A lot of people are fascinated by cute little pets doing fun activities like kicking a ball, dancing or wagging their tails to music, and so on. Making a show of fun moments with pets is one of the most underrated pet business ideas ever.

You can start a TV program to this end or organize actual tour live shows where people get to pay to watch the pets perform. Through such exhibition shows, you not only generate a lot of income but also raise awareness about the awesomeness of pets.


18). Pet Massage Business:

Pet therapy has expanded way beyond just veterinary services. As part of keeping pets sound all year round, pet massage is highly recommended. The practice is now popular with dogs and is fast gaining ground in the pet care industry.

To start this pet business idea in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world, you need to have first acquired the basic skill of pet massage.

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19). Pet Costume Production Or Retail Business:

Lovers of pets love to buy beautiful small costume materials for their little friends when the occasion demands. These could be hats, glasses, shirts, ribbons, shoes or any other item that makes their pets look good.

Similarly, pet show organizers, pet photographers, and as well as pet keepers make up a ripe market for the pet costume retail business. Whatever the costume might be, ensure that it is made of soft comfy materials to suit the pets.


20). Pet Manicure Services:

Looking good is not just a business for humans alone. A pet manicure is essential to keep pets looking beautiful, attractive and safe to cuddle. Most pet owners do not have the luxury of time to trim their pet claws. So, they prefer to contract the services of professional pet manicure service providers.

Offering pet manicure services requires special training but it can be a lucrative pet business idea.


21). Pet Nanny Services:

Like the pet daycare business, the pet nanny business is a business that involves giving daily or temporary care to pets when the owners are at work or go on a trip without their pets. Just like the regular nanny business, pet nanny services require the nanny to visit the homes of the pet owners.

However, it is important to build a reputation whether as an individual pet nanny or a nanny service company to earn the trust of potential clients.

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22). Flea Or Tick Removal Business:

Furry pets such as dogs and cats are likely to have fleas or ticks hiding in their body after exposure to an outdoor environment with ticks. After walking through grass, woods or shrubs, dogs are very likely to get ticks. The shocker is, even if dogs stay indoors always they’re still likely to get ticks on their bodies.

The way out is to manually pick out the ticks for your pets. However, not many pet owners have so much time to do this, especially if there are a lot of dogs. Hence, they prefer to employ the services of tick-removal experts.


23). Pet Sales Business:

Pet breeders sell pets and pet keepers sometimes wish to sell their pets. Pet sales is one of the most common pet businesses with a high prospect in the pet care industry in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


24). Pet Consultancy Business:

Pet consultancy involves rendering professional tips and advice on pet care to pet owners or keepers. The same applies to people who are considering adopting or buying pets for the first time. These individuals need professional guidance on what to do and what to avoid.

As a veteran in the pet care business, you can offer these people ideas on how to get on well with their pets at a friendly rate.

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25). Grooming Products Retail Business:

With so many furs, pets such as cats, rabbits, dogs, kids, cubs, and more need extra attention to keep them looking good at all times. In addition to regular baths, they could use good grooming products to keep them attractive.

Anyone can start a pet grooming products business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Your job involves increasing awareness of the need for such products, recommending suitable products and retailing them to pet owners.


26). Pet Magazine Business:

There are a lot of interesting pet business ideas but this one stands out. Pet lovers all over the world can’t learn enough interesting information, helpful tips and overall pet care strategies. Therefore, they regularly look out for magazines and other media where they can get helpful information.

Starting a pet magazine business requires some capital, the right market strategies and distribution channels. However, you can also digitize your magazine services for a wider reach.


27). Pet Drugs Retail And Distribution Business:

The pet drug retail business is closely related to the veterinary business idea. These are pet business ideas that focus on maintaining pet health and keeping pets in good shape. However, starting a pet drugs retail business requires a professional knowledge of medical drugs. In essence, these are business ideas for individuals trained in veterinary care.

The pet drug retailer also needs to be duly registered and licensed to operate before they can commence this business.

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28). Dog Poop Cleaning Business:

Private dog keepers, dog parks, dog care centres, and dog vet clinics all require dog poop cleaning services because poop cleaning could be a strenuous activity. But then, because this is an essential activity necessary to keep dogs in good health, most dog keepers contract poop cleaning to experts.

Dog poop cleaning is a lucrative business, but it is one of the most underrated pet business ideas in the pet care industry.


29). Pet Lodging Services:

This is another essential service in the pet care industry business. Most families and individual pet owners love to travel with their pets. However, when they have to lodge in hotels or attend functions mid-trip, they seek special pet lodgings where their pets can be comfortably lodged.

Pet lodging services is a pet business idea best established in the heart of town to get regular patronage.


30). Dog Park Business:

A dog park is simply an amusement park for dogs. Dog parks are equipped with facilities and dog toys to ensure that dogs have a good time. They organize events and fun activities that bring dogs together. Most dog owners and keepers take their dogs on treats to dog parks as a way of getting them to interact with other dogs and engage in recreational activities.

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31). Cat Café Business:

Cat cafes are common in major towns and cities. A cat café is a coffee shop with cats for snuggling and possible adoption. The growing number of cat cafes springing up around the globe shows the success of this business idea.

Lovers of cats readily patronize such cafes to get a good coffee drink while passing time with the cute little furry pets. Some people also adopt one cat or two from cat cafes. While this is not a business that can thrive in Africa yet, it is fast growing in Europe, Asia and America.


32). Pet Whispering Services:

Due to reasons ranging from growth change to lack of proper care, pets sometimes develop sour behaviour and refuse to be controlled by their owners or keepers. At this point, the service of a pet whisperer becomes necessary.

A pet whisperer is a trained person who tries to put pets in check when they display a strange attitude. By virtue of their training to hear and feel animal thoughts, pet whisperers get to understand the psychic state of the pets in question and recommend solutions.


33). Start A Pet Protection/Care Society:

While this sounds like a voluntary service, it gives the opportunity for income even though that is not the ultimate aim. A pet care or pet protection society is a non-governmental organization that protects pets from abuse, neglect and improper care.

They withdraw abused pets from their owners, take care of such pets and put them up for possible adoption by more responsible pet keepers.

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34). Pet Finding Services:

The Pet finding business is one of the most delicate pet business ideas in the pet care industry. From time to time, pets could go missing from the yards or during walks. When this happens, the owners could become badly affected emotionally. Hence the need for pet finders.

Pet finders are trained personnel who search and retrieve missing pets in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. They work with information from keepers and conduct an extensive search in the necessary areas to find such missing pets.


35). Pet Transportation Business:

Pet lovers sometimes buy or adopt pets from other parts of the world. As a result, they need pet transportation services. The same applies to pet owners who left their pets at home for one reason or the other while embarking on a journey and would love to reunite with them.

Pets require special care to move from one location to another. Hence, starting a pet transportation service requires great attention to detail to ensure that pets are transported safely in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


36). Collar Production Business:

Collars are some of the most essential supplies needed by pets, especially dogs, cubs and kids. Starting a collar production business is a smart way to get established in the pet care industry because it is one of the pet business ideas that enjoy regular patronage.

With the right marketing and distributing strategy, collar production and retail could turn into a highly lucrative business in the pet care industry. All you need to do is, produce quality long-lasting collars and target the right market.

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To Sum It Up

Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, the pet care industry in Nigeria has a lot of prospects. While few business ideas like veterinary care and pet drug retail require professional training, most of the pet business ideas are open to everyone who loves pets and would like to start a business in the industry. If that’s you, you can choose any of these 35+ lucrative pet business ideas in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 35+ lucrative pet business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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