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25+ Lucrative Hospitality Business Ideas in Nigeria Or Africa

35+ Lucrative Hospitality Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa | Image Source: Pixabay

The hospitality service industry incorporates businesses that house, feed, transport and entertain visitors. It prides itself on customer satisfaction and provides comfort with an enjoyable experience. This business, with its many facets, has come to thrive in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. There are also strong indications that Africa’s hospitality industry is bound to boom, thanks to the increasing attention to detail and utmost customer satisfaction. 

If you want to take advantage of the business opportunities in the hospitality industry, here are 35+ lucrative hospitality business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world.


1). Hotel Business: 

This is a business idea for people who derive pleasure in providing rest, relaxation and enjoyment. This business offers services that range from housing guests, entertaining them, and providing comfort in a relaxed atmosphere that is indeed a home away from home. 

To set up, you need a great location, a good customer relation service, amongst others. With quality services and proper advertising, a hotel could turn into a gold mine in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world.

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2). Restaurant Business: 

This is a business that feeds, sustains, energizes and nourishes people; in the process, remaining a force to reckon with in any society. For people who prioritize turning out exotic local and international dishes for customers’ palates, the restaurant business comes in handy.


3). Bar Business: 

This hospitality business provides individuals with the opportunity to unwind after a hectic day at work and interact with others in a relaxed comfy atmosphere. It also offers the needed relaxation as it entertains guests, visitors and strangers in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world.

Notwithstanding, there is ample room for new bar businesses. It all depends on available capital and marketing strategies. A suitable location, great social interactive skills and capital are needed to set up this business.


4). Gym and Fitness Business: 

In recent times, the need to stay physically and mentally fit has strengthened the gym and fitness training business. People go the extra mile to stay in shape and get the body shape and mental alertness they desire. Hence, the growing need for entrepreneurs in this facet of the hospitality business.

Apart from the bodily fitness it offers, this business keeps the individual healthy. For potential hospitality workers, a location in an industrial busy street, a good online and offline presence and others might be all they need to earn a living in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world.


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5). Travel Agency Business: 

People travel for various reasons. For some, it can be to learn new things, widen their horizons or escape from the hectic demands of everyday life. For others, it can be to make new friends or discover new cultures. Whatever the purpose is, travel is an essential part of life and it drives the global economy. 

As a result, the travel agency business is forever growing. Although starting a travel agency requires a detailed understanding of the industry, it is a highly lucrative business with long-term benefits in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. 


6). Shuttle Business: 

Another facet of the hospitality business is the shuttle business. For an intending hospitality worker, you need to plan and register your business, secure your licenses and permits, and decide on a profitable route. 

It is also possible to run a stream of cars in one’s shuttle business across multiple places, including campuses, airports, towns, and so on. 


7). Yoga Centre Business:

This aspect of the hospitality business relaxes the mind. To start a Yoga centre, an intending hospitality worker needs to set up a website and active social media presence to reach a wider audience. Also, yoga classes can be conducted online to teach subscribers. The clientele of this business is virtually everyone concerned about meditation in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world.


8). Boat Tour Business: 

Boat tours or boat cruises are common events in Waterland areas. It is a great business idea for people interested in learning the ropes. Besides the technical aspects of boat riding, starting a boat tour business involves proper licensing and ensuring that safety measures are in place.

To get started, get a license, be open to running trips, offer sailing lessons for willing clients, be creative and have a good online presence.


9). Beach Games and Activities: 

For people who would love to make a fortune in this hospitality business, beach games like hiking, board walking, swimming and the like constitute awesome games for maximum pleasure and can also create a fortune for any entrepreneur. To start earning, you need to create awareness for the business, procure game materials and equipment where necessary and employ guides. 


10). Tour Guide: 

This is another uncharted hospitality business that lovers of leisure can venture into and make money. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. As a tour guide or tour guide business, your services include showing people around exciting places and making them get maximum knowledge and satisfaction from the tour. For starters, adequate awareness, and vast knowledge of tourist attractions and the like would do.


11). Airport Shuttle Business: 

Transporting people to and fro or within airports can fetch you a decent living if you’re passionate about this aspect of the hospitality business. To promote this business, you need to be registered with the airport authorities so that your shuttles can be allowed to operate within the area. You would also need a good online presence.


12). Bike Rental Services: 

As an intending hospitality worker, you can make a fortune by renting your bicycles to tourists who like to explore their destinations by bike. Fitness enthusiasts, young adults and school kids are the potential clients. Although bike riding is not a common practice in most parts of Africa, it has prospects, especially in tourist areas. 


13). Car Rental Services: 

Where motorbikes are insufficient, cars will do the job just right. The hospitality industry includes a lot of businesses that require car trips. Where necessary, people resort to renting cars to meet their travel needs. 

An investor can procure cars and put them up for short or long-term leases. To start making money from the car rental business, be knowledgeable about the business, plan adequately, create public awareness and get appropriate insurance covers.


14). Boat Cruise Business: 

This holiday business is awesome if you’re passionate about the hospitality business. With a boat, you can take people on a voyage for pleasure while making occasional calls to places of interest.

The great thing about the boat cruise business is that doing what you know best can fetch you a fortune. All you need do is learn how this works, liaise with people of the same passion, publicize it, be available and have the requisite knowledge of places of interest


15). Open a Spa Centre: 

Spas are more common now than before in Africa as people continue to realize the benefits of self-care activities. With a passion for the hospitality business and a knowledge of how you can use non-medical procedures for the body’s health, you can make a decent living out of this business. You can offer steam baths, massage, facials, and so on, and get paid in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. 

For starters, mastering the art, a good location, and a great online and offline presence will get you there.


16). Photography Business:

Photography has now advanced and holds a lot of prospects as more innovative ideas come onto the scene. It is open to any interested entrepreneur. If you would like to explore opportunities via this hospitality business, photography is a worthy try.

With a passion to create lasting memories, getting the right training and tools, adequate public awareness, as well as the right location, this business is as good as ready.


17). Pet Massage: 

Interestingly, hospitality is not only about humans. Pet care is now a thing, as veterinary doctors and animal experts have proven over time that animal care can improve pet behaviour and health. Therefore, this creates an opportunity for pet masseurs and people in the therapy business who would love to delve into pet therapy. 


18). Massage Centre Business: 

This is another aspect of the hospitality business you can delve into if you have what it takes. By offering massage services, you can bail your way out of poverty. With adequate experience, moderate capital, a suitable location, good customer relation and the right advertisement, you are on your way to start earning.


19). Motel Business: 

Starting a motel requires some capital but it is a business with long-term profits, especially if located on a favourite site. The clientele of this business includes tourists, entrepreneurs and other categories of travellers. A motel is relatively less expensive to lodge in, and consequently, people tend to patronize motels more, especially in busy towns.


20). Night Club Business: 

Clubs are signature businesses in most African cities. Party lovers visit clubs every weekend to unwind and have fun. The clientele is pretty large. With the right fervour, this relaxation business idea might just be all an entrepreneur needs to build a successful business group in the hospitality niche. They can earn a lot of money if the club is replete with adequate facilities, by ensuring adequate security and meeting the need of the customers.


21). Pedicure and Manicure Business: 

Looking good is good business, not just for the client but also for an entrepreneur. The pedicure and manicure business is one of the most essential self-care activities people undertake to look prim and proper always. Therefore, starting a pedicure and manicure spa somewhere in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world is a goldmine hardly explored.


22). Amusement Park Business: 

Amusement parks can be great spots for families, spouses and individuals to unwind or get to know one another better. They are also good for seasonal occasions like Christmas, get-togethers or reunions.


23). Catering Service Business: 

Individuals with impressive culinary skills can make a living from catering. Deciding on what dishes to cook will help the business streamline available resources and maximize efforts. However, it is important to find the right balance of dishes and get them delivered to hotels, hospitals, parks and much more. By rendering this service, a caterer or catering business can create loyal customers and drive up profits.


24). Event Planning: 

Event planning is one of the businesses that came to be in response to the need for proper organization in both private and public events. People love their programs coordinated and well-organized because it speaks volumes about their personalities. 

Planning events in most African countries where events are commonplace puts one at a huge business advantage. 


25). Casino Business:

The casino game is a luxury game played mostly in clubs and at exquisite parties. It is a high-intelligence game that mostly involves huge stakes. From a business perspective, an entrepreneur can open a casino club where lovers of the game come to unwind and have fun by playing with other casino players. 

Having musical entertainment and drinks on the side is a good business strategy to keep people coming back.


26). Home Cleaning Business:

Settling into a new apartment could require so much effort that most people are not willing or available to give. Particularly, cleaning could be an exerting activity that most dwellers, especially people in the corporate world, love to contract out. 

Therefore, starting a home cleaning business requires nothing more than good cleaning services and the ability to network with people in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. 


27). Transportation Business:

Transporting people from place to place is a hospitality business of its own. Whether it is for business or other purposes, transportation is essential to human existence. As a result, starting a transport business puts one in a business with endless demand.

A transportation business can thrive anywhere, ranging from small towns to cities. However, it is important to decide on what routes to ply from the start. 


28). Games and Recreational Centre:

A game or recreational centre is a hub of games and other recreational activities. Besides parks, the most common games centres in recent times mostly focus on digital games, which are mainly video and virtual reality (VR) games.

The clientele for a game and creational business is wide and endless. From time to time, people would visit the centre to have a good time with friends and family.


29). Cinema Business:

The cinema business is another fun business and it is one of the lucrative business ideas common in towns and cities. Cinemas and movie houses have grown in popularity, and have mostly replaced theatres. 

Furthermore, the growth of the movie industry has contributed to the development of the cinema business across Nigeria and the continent at large. As long as a cinema shows new hot movies and offers quality services, it is bound to be in business for a long time.


30). Small Chops Production Business:

What is a relaxation activity without small chops? Small chops and drinks constitute a key part of all fun and recreational activities as well as events. Although most caterers also produce small chops as a part of their business, small chops production is a business that can operate well on its own. With little capital and the right market network, one can grow an empire out of the small chops production business. 


31). Delivery Business:

Similarly, delivering goods and commodities is equally a reliable hospitality business idea. Caterers, bakers, and other businesses use the services of courier companies to drive their business. This implies that delivery is a cog in the wheel of most businesses, and therefore cannot go out of demand.


32). Ice Cream Production Business:

The calming taste of ice cream completes most relaxation and fun activities, ranging from get-togethers and reunions to outdoor games. There is never a bad day to consume ice cream. Hence, the market for ice cream is evergreen in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. 


33). Translation Services:

Language could sometimes be a barrier. Tourists and other categories of people confronted with language challenges need translation services, either for interpretations during conversations or for official translation. 

Starting a translation service does not always require the rigours of starting a business. A student or any individual with an understanding of multiple languages can undertake translation services in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. 


34). Travel Blog Business:

A travel blog is a fun relaxation activity that involves journaling one’s travel experience on a blog for members of the public to view and react to. The purpose could be to simply educate the members of the public on travel routes and destinations or to entertain them. 


35). Start A YouTube Chanel:

A YouTube Chanel is a video version of blogging. Since videos are more effective than other forms of media, it is a smart business idea to start a YouTube channel on hospitality and related ideas.  


To Sum It Up

The hospitality industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is full of business opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Notably, the industry has grown significantly and now enjoys more attention than before. If you want to take advantage of the business opportunities in the hospitality industry, you can start with these 35+ lucrative hospitality business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 35+ lucrative hospitality business ideas you can start anywhere in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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