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Telling the Strides of Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju

Telling the Strides of Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju

When political leadership fails, motley excuses are often advanced as grounds for the let-down; the putative leader, having fell short of the public trust, comes to roost, usually with varied alibis in a vain toil to extenuate the supposed flaws. And, in the long run, however, whatever apologia, tenable or refutable, is weighed on the big scale and a definite verdict passed by the electors, depending on their sophistry.

It is not unusual to have inept leaders attribute official blunders to a glut of reasons. They throw up such flimsy basis as meagre fiscal provision, inclement political climate or any other specious pretext; yet, more often than not, there are no genuine extenuating circumstances for failing. However, where crass performance becomes repeated and voguish, the public is left with no alternative than to wear the defeatist garb, which explains the sweeping cynical public outlook with respect to political participation.

The foregoing provides the background for the observable distrust and typical restraint that have, overtime, formed a fissure between public office holders and constituents in this part of the world. The repetitive breach of trust, inertia or outright lack of vision on the part of political chieftains constitute an undoing; meanwhile, the said factors, unnerving as they are, are not exactly new; they have since lived with us and, overtime, evolved as irrefutable by-products of sequentially feckless leadership.

This reality explains the citizens’ pervasive indifference to contemporary political dealings as well as its corollaries. But even so, a preponderance of the governing elites do not seem to care a hoot about the large scale public disinterest in political transactions, which, in my view, portends a dangerous vogue that could, in the fullness of time, warrant either implosion or explosion.

While the writer does not pretend to ignore the fact that gulfs do exist in extant preparations for public offices, which, in itself is a fundamental flaw that inevitably prepares the table for lacklustre leadership and its gainless implications; this, apart from its corresponding effects on the underdogs as portrayed in the hesitancies, speaks to why political leaders freely duck the cravings of the ordinary people from whom they fetched political power and to whom they shall return to account.

In spite of the leery leadership situation however, a prodigy appears to be faulting the convenient thesis on political leadership with his approach to public office. By his acts, the fella who answers to the name Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju, representing Ondo West Constituency I at the Ondo State House of Assembly, seems to have found the key that unlocks the hearts of his publics, given the manner he delivers dividends to the people.

His approach conveys concrete compassion. The attention he daily gives to different categories of constituents signifies best intentions. The genius who bears the sobriquet OMO exhibits profuse passion and clarity of vision. He proves his mettle through timely infrastructural intervention by repairing township roads within his constituency to relieve road users of the pangs of potholes, including deathly occurrences without waiting on the government and thereby subjecting members of the public to needless hardship.

Far ahead of his inauguration as a member of the 10th Ondo State House of Assembly, Ogunwumiju he has been there for his people as one responsive and responsible representative with the badges of his deliveries littering the streets; ranging from the provision of basic amenities and other relieving facilities for market women, creative engagements of the youth with sporting events, progressive networking in favour of home place and other incredible offerings, all reinforcing the fact that he means well, bears bounty prospects and gives himself out as a star fast burgeoning.

While it has been argued that, rising from a family background that places premium on hard-work and a pedigree hallmarked by excellence, Moyinolorun could not have delivered less. And, quite convincingly, his deeds in office leave none in doubt of the fact that he arms himself with a clear vision. Thus, his propects as a sterling public adminstrator have become very luminous to the extent that he has pleasant projections beyond his immediate constituency.

It is evident that OMO works onerously and ceaselessly in passionate pursuit of improved status for his constituency; his acts of benevolence sets him far apart from the pack of politicians who seek public offices to merely feather private nests. Here is a nicely cultured and well raised individual with the requisite leadership preparations. For his dexterous dealings, Hon Ogunwumiju relates with kings and consequential citizens. Even as an ace petroleum engineer, his forte opens unlikely doors and he towers far above others.

***Adebunmi Williams writes from the Radar Writers’ Hub.

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