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50+ Lucrative Events & Parties Business Ideas in Nigeria Or Africa

50 Lucrative Events and Parties Business Ideas in Nigeria Or Africa | Image Source: Pixabay

The events and outdoor parties sector is a thriving industry in Africa, especially in Nigeria. The worth of this industry in Nigeria alone is estimated to be over $20 billion, which makes it one of the largest in the world. It is reported that events and parties generate over one million jobs each year in Nigeria.

Currently, the events and parties industry is experiencing massive growth, with numerous creative ideas being introduced. Additionally, there is a growing demand for professional event organization across the African continent, including in sports and political events.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the business opportunities in the events and parties business, here are 50 lucrative events and party business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


1). Event Planning Business:

This business involves the careful organization and coordination of events, and can incorporate various other businesses within it. The market for event planning continues to grow as people prefer to hire experts to handle the organization of their events in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.

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2). Event Decoration Business:

Decorations play a significant role in both public and private events, such as parties, weddings, concerts, and get-togethers. The demand for trained decorators is high, as every public event requires basic decorations that reflect the chosen theme.


3). Wedding Planning Business:

Wedding planning is a specialized form of event planning that requires extra care and professionalism. Couples seek the help of expert wedding planners to guide them through every decision-making stage of their wedding, from planning to execution. A wedding planner also works with other professionals such as photographers and caterers in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


4). Catering Business:

Catering is a crucial service in public events, and is necessary for both formal and private events such as seminars and weddings. Professional catering services are required for quality meal preparation, and one can hire trained caterers who are skilled in cooking both local and foreign cuisines.


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5). Wedding Card Design Business:

Graphic designers can also profit from the events and parties industry by designing beautiful wedding cards, birthday cards, posters, etc. A trained graphic designer can partner with event planners to offer these services.


6). Master of Ceremonies:

Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) are in charge of anchoring events and entertaining attendees throughout. Becoming an MC does not require formal qualifications, but some training in crowd management, stage control, and organization is recommended.


7). Exhibition Planning Business:

Exhibition planning is an untapped and under-explored business opportunity in the events and parties industry in Africa. Exhibitions could range from cars to paintings and locally-made crafts, and the subject of the exhibition must be captivating enough to attract the public’s attention.


8). Small Chops Production Business:

Small chops are now a staple in public events and parties and include small snacks such as fruit salads, buns, and peppered meat. Starting a small chops production business can be a profitable venture, and established caterers often include small chops production as part of their services in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


9). Plaque Production Business:

Award events are common among student communities, professional groups, companies, and clubs, and often involve plaques designed from materials such as wood, clay, or glass. Plaque designers are needed to produce high-quality awards that represent the group.


10). Virtual Events Business:

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have reduced public events, but have opened opportunities for virtual event planners. People are now turning to digital platforms to hold business meetings, music concerts, and social events.


11). Start a Music Band:

Starting a music band is a creative way to build a career in the events and parties industry, especially for individuals with musical talent or an interest in entertaining people through music. All it takes is to start a small group of singers and essential instrumentalists, and invest in the right equipment. As the group builds its reputation by producing good music and attending both paid and unpaid shows, its popularity will grow. Social media can also be leveraged to build a large following in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


12). Lights and Sound System Installation:

For events such as public speeches, concerts, gatherings, and seminars, a high-quality sound system is crucial. Lights are also essential for nighttime events and concerts. This presents a business opportunity for sound and light engineers who offer their services to ensure a successful event. Professional training and the help of other professionals in the field are important for running a successful business in this line in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


13). Fundraising Event Organizer:

Organizing a successful fundraising event requires skill and strategy. These events are meant to raise money for a cause, such as a charity or public project, and should target individuals who have an interest in the cause.


14). Fashion Design:

In many parts of Africa, events provide an opportunity for people to show off their expensive fashion items such as clothing and jewelry. For weddings, funerals, concerts, and other events, people spend a lot of money to look their best. As a fashion designer, it is important to target the right clientele and provide high-quality, innovative fashion pieces to keep clients satisfied in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


15). Shoes and Clothing Accessories:

Clothing accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry are always in demand. They are especially important in the events and parties industry as they complete outfits and reflect an individual’s style. Retail of these items can be a lucrative business in Nigeria and other parts of Africa where parties are common.


16). Birthday Planning:

With billions of birthdays celebrated each year, birthday planning can be a profitable business in the events and parties industry. The key to success is building a large client base and expanding the business.


17). Chair and Table Rental:

Events such as naming ceremonies, small weddings, and funerals often require chairs and tables. Renting out chairs and tables on a short-term basis is a good business idea, especially in villages and small towns in many parts of Africa. Although it may require a significant investment, the chair and table rental business can generate a large annual profit with little maintenance. To maximize profits, it is recommended to have a vehicle for delivery and retrieval of the chairs and tables.


18). Cleaning Services:

While cleaning services are usually associated with home interiors, they can also be a valuable business in the events and parties industry. After events, seminar rooms, event halls, and grounds can get messy and need cleaning. A cleaning service business can provide these services and earn a good income in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. Networking with event planners and hall managers is recommended for success in this business.


19). Photography:

Events and parties are a perfect opportunity for people to create lasting memories. Photographers play an important role in preserving these memories through high-quality photographs. Photographers are in demand for all types of events including weddings, seminars, and school programs in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


20). Event Videography:

In addition to photography, event videography is also a popular media business in the events and parties industry. Videographers are in high demand for events such as weddings, seminars, and school programs. Although videography requires extensive training and significant investment in equipment, it is a highly lucrative service.


21). DJ Services:

A disc jockey is at the heart of dance and merriment at parties. They create a lively atmosphere with music and work with MCs to host events and parties. Becoming a DJ requires professional training and a capital investment in equipment, but it can be a rewarding and exciting business in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


22). Political Campaign Planning:

Political campaigns are highly demanding and offer lucrative opportunities. A campaign strategist must have an understanding of the campaign goals, target areas, and their political significance. Working as a campaign planner requires collaborating with political parties and other professionals such as sound engineers and publicity experts.


23). Sports Tournament Planning:

Sports events are also seasonal and provide ample opportunities for sports planners to work or secure contracts. They can work with academies, scouts, and associations at various levels to organize sports tournaments in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


24). Event Planning Application Development:

An event planning application is a valuable tool for event planners and professionals in the industry. It provides an efficient way to manage logistics and other factors ahead of an event, making this a profitable business in the events and parties industry.


25). Event Center Business:

An event center can provide a steady source of passive income in the events and parties industry. In Nigeria and other African countries, event centers generate significant revenue each week, thanks to a constant stream of events such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, and more. To encourage patronage, it’s best to locate the event center in a convenient location and provide parking.


26). Ushering Business:

Professional ushers are essential for public events, particularly when a large number of guests are expected. Ushering services are typically utilized for indoor events, but can also be used for outdoor events with manageable numbers. Ushers are responsible for welcoming guests, seating them at designated areas, and maintaining order during events. A single person can start an ushering business, but it’s necessary to hire suitable individuals for the job.


27). Trade Fair Organizing:

Trade fairs are gaining popularity in Nigeria and other African countries. They provide a unique platform for producers and retailers of various items, crafts, and commodities to showcase and sell their goods. Trade fairs offer buyers the chance to meet with sellers and purchase what they need in one location.


28). School Excursion Organizing:

Schools occasionally go on excursions and field trips for educational and recreational purposes, and often require the help of professional excursion organizers in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. As an excursion planner, it’s your role to act as a mediator between the schools or groups and the destination.


29). Corporate Event Organization:

Seminars, conferences, book launches, and other corporate events are significant sources of income, particularly in African cities. With the industrialization of many African cities, the demand for corporate events where business decisions are made has increased. Someone interested in the events and parties industry can focus on the corporate sector, working with private and government agencies, industries, and large companies.


30). Event Planning Consultancy:

This is a business opportunity for experienced individuals or veterans in the industry. One can serve as a consultant for people looking to plan an event, offering opinions and professional advice. People regularly need guidance on how to plan their events, and new entrepreneurs seeking to enter the industry also require help. An event planning consultant can meet these needs and receive payment in return.


31). Event Magazine Publication:

Many events involve magazines, which serve as souvenirs or are an integral part of the program, such as in sports tournaments or fashion events. Starting a magazine publishing business in the events industry is a smart way to incorporate media into the industry. It’s crucial to work with event organizers and media houses for contracts and other benefits.

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32). Blogging for Event Management:

Blogging can be both a lifestyle activity and a profitable business, with proper management and direction. One of the most cost-effective businesses in the events and parties industry, all you need is a mobile phone and internet access to start a successful events management blog in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.

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33). Retail Party Supplies:

Everyone who is interested in the events and parties industry can take advantage of the lucrative opportunity to retail party supplies, such as tableware, balloons, decorations, tags, ribbons, and more. With parties being a constant occurrence in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, party supplies are a necessity.

To expand your reach, it’s important to partner with a reliable delivery company for customers in distant locations.


34). Custom Guest Book Design:

This business idea is perfect for creatives in the events and parties industry. It involves designing customized guest books as souvenirs for events and guests. These books can be full notebooks or jotters, and can even feature images of the celebrants if the event is a wedding, birthday, funeral, or any other type of occasion.


35). Personalized Face Mask Creation:

Like notebooks, face masks are a creative and thoughtful gift option for special events like carnivals and festivals. If you have a creative flair, you can start this business as a solo entrepreneur or establish a company with skilled designers. Although events that require face masks are rare, the face mask design business is still a lucrative opportunity.


36). Food Truck Ventures:

Bringing a food truck to public events like rallies and sports games is a smart business idea yet to be fully explored in Nigeria and other African countries. These events attract large crowds that often need refreshments, making it a highly profitable business with little competition.


37). Gift Shop Establishment:

Events and parties, such as weddings and birthdays, usually involve gifts, but choosing the right present can be a challenge. Starting a gift shop puts you in a position to help customers find the perfect gift for the celebrants. You can stock a range of gifts, from cutlery to expensive wines, and it’s crucial to research the local market to understand what gifts are in demand in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


38). Traditional Wedding Compere:

Weddings happen throughout the year, and in Africa, traditional weddings are elaborate events that bring together families, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers. Starting a traditional compere business is a great way to earn a significant income in the events and parties industry with little to no capital. You just need to have a trusted network of socialites who can recommend you for gigs.


39). Car Rental Services:

Renting out cars for short-term use can be a lucrative business with proper management. Events and parties bring people into town, providing opportunities for people to rent cars for commuting or touring. Weddings are also a time when people rent cars for the bride and groom. You can even offer exotic cars for wedding rentals in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


40). Tent and Canopy Rentals:

As event centres become more popular in the events and parties industry, people who prefer open spaces still need tents and chairs for their events. Renting out tents and canopies for outdoor events is a business opportunity with great prospects in Nigeria and beyond.


41). Mobile Toilet Rentals:

The use of mobile toilets still has a lot of potential for growth in Africa, and renting them out to event organizers is a promising business. To make the most of this opportunity, it’s recommended to target the right clients, such as sports organizers and crusades in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


42). Makeup Services:

Looking good is a lucrative business, especially in the context of events and parties. For women, makeup is an essential aspect of their overall appearance and helps them to look their best. As a professional makeup artist, it is wise to target other professionals in the event and party industry, such as photographers and wedding planners.


43). Gele Tying:

Like makeup services, gele (headgear) tying is an important part of traditional events, particularly for women. The business opportunity lies in the fact that not many women are experts at tying headgears. An entrepreneur can establish a business that specializes in gele tying services and earn substantial income.


44). Bartending:

In addition to working at a club or pub, bartenders have numerous opportunities to serve at private parties, wedding receptions, and small gatherings, among others. These opportunities are endless as long as one has a good reputation in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


45). Comedy Club:

Comedy is often a secondary attraction at parties and events to keep the audience entertained and to enhance the overall fun atmosphere. Comedians and comedy groups are frequently invited to perform. Starting a comedy club is a great idea as it allows one to enlist the services of both new and established comedians and earn income from delivering quality comedy performances.


46). YouTube Channel:

Starting a YouTube channel is the audio-visual equivalent of blogging. The key to success in this inexpensive business is building a large following, which can be achieved through consistent content production.


47). Private Security Firm:

Political rallies and events that involve high-profile or wealthy individuals often require the services of security personnel to ensure safety and security. Private security firms are typically the preferred choice for these types of events in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


48). Concert and Show Production:

Musical concerts and shows are highly profitable, especially during holidays and towards the end of the year. However, this does not mean that this business is seasonal. The key to success is to produce high-quality shows and invite top-tier artists with a strong public following.


49). Event Ticket Retail:

This small but lucrative business in the event and party industry involves selling tickets to special events, such as concerts, sports games, and matches, among others in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. A ticket retailer has minimal risks as they act as intermediaries between the public and the actual ticket sellers.


50). Music Tour Production:

An alternative and profitable business in the event and party industry is to organize a music tour, featuring a popular artist or a group of high-value artists. This business requires significant capital, but it has the potential to generate high returns.


To Sum It Up

Additionally, with the increasing trend of people seeking entertainment and leisure activities, the events and parties industry continues to evolve and expand. The possibilities are endless, and the demand for creative and innovative services and products is constantly on the rise.

For those looking to start a business in this field, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and developments, as well as to build strong relationships with clients and industry professionals. Additionally, having a clear understanding of the target market and a well-executed business plan can help ensure success in the industry.

With the right approach, a business in the events and parties industry can be both rewarding and profitable in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 50+ lucrative events and parties business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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