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June 14, 2024

Stakeholders vow to attract Communal Support for Economic Growth in Ondo

In a concerted effort to bolster the economic development of the Ondo Kingdom, stakeholders are rallying indigenes from around the world to contribute to the region’s prosperity.

The inaugural Ondo Development and Economic Summit, organized in collaboration with the Ondo State government, was a resounding success.

This summit, aptly named ‘Ondo Development and Economy Summit,’ was a joint endeavor aimed at complementing the economic strides of the Akeredolu administration in the Ondo Kingdom. It brought together economic and financial experts to chart a course for sustainable economic growth in the region.

Building upon the triumph of the maiden summit and the implementation of its recommendations, the Ekinvest Eki Industrial Hub was established to fulfill the summit’s long-term objectives.

Dr. Femi Akinkuebi, a key stakeholder, has called upon the privileged elite of the Ondo community worldwide to collaborate with governments at all levels. This partnership aims to drive development that benefits everyone, attract more investment, and stimulate economic activities in the town.

The Eki Industrial Hub, a product of the community’s economic summit, is designed to create a business-friendly environment for both local and international investors. Notably, one of its standout features is uninterrupted power supply, ensuring that industries within the hub can operate efficiently without disruptions. This reliability allows industries to focus on their operations and boost productivity.

The establishment of the Ekinvest Eki Industrial Hub also aims to foster collaboration with the state government in facilitating the development of essential infrastructure such as roads, electricity, and other critical incentives required to catalyze industrialization.

One of the Eki Industrial Hub’s most vital attributes is its vast expanse of 250 acres of land, accompanied by its consistent power supply. This aspect guarantees that industries within the hub can operate without interruptions, mitigating potential losses stemming from power outages. This uninterrupted power supply empowers industries to concentrate on their operations, subsequently enhancing productivity.

Bimbo Oladapo, Chairman of Ekinvest Company Limited, echoed the sentiment that the development of the kingdom should not solely rely on the state government. He encouraged the sons and daughters of the kingdom to return home and invest in the community, emphasizing that the prosperity of the kingdom secures the future for generations to come.

Hon. Joseph Akinlaja shared a similar viewpoint, highlighting how the economic prosperity of the kingdom contributes significantly to safeguarding its future; while Dr. Nelson Osungbemiro, a distinguished and influential member of Ekinvest, emphasized the potential of Ondo community’s unique assets in attracting employers and investments. He stressed that leveraging these assets is a paramount strategy for stimulating the local economy and generating communal wealth.

The Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom, Oba Victor Ademefun Kiladejo, Jilo III, also lent his voice to the call for concerted efforts in driving more projects to sustain the ongoing progress in the kingdom. He emphasized that community development transcends government programs and should engage all stakeholders, including neighbors, businesses, and non-profit organizations, in taking pride and ownership of the community.

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