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50+ Lucrative Media Business Ideas in Nigeria Or Africa

50 Lucrative Media Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa | Image Source: Pixabay

The global media market faced a decline in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dropping to a value of 2 trillion dollars. However, predictions show that the industry will experience growth and reach 2.6 trillion dollars by 2025.

In Africa, the media industry is thriving with new and innovative business ideas emerging regularly. From print media such as magazines and books to entertainment including film, radio and TV shows, and social media, there are countless opportunities for both established and new businesses in the industry.

If you’re looking to take advantage of business opportunities in the media business, here are 50 media business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


1). Social Media Management:

The social media world is a critical component of the media industry, as individuals, business brands, institutions, and agencies utilize these platforms to increase their reach and achieve their goals. To accomplish these objectives, they need the assistance of professional social media managers. Social media managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of these platforms and are experts in understanding the behaviors of social media users and how to best interact with them.


2). Start a YouTube Channel:

For those looking to start in the media industry with minimal to no capital, starting a YouTube channel is a great option in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. This involves creating videos of interest on YouTube around a chosen niche, such as sports, culture, or other topics of social relevance. It is recommended to choose a niche with a large audience. Consistency and growth strategies are essential to grow the channel and increase its viewership, after which it can be monetized for income.


3). Content Creation:

The majority of social media activities center around creating the right content and targeting the correct audience at the right time. This content can be in the form of graphics, text, or audiovisual, such as videos. Brands and social media influencers, among others, rely heavily on content in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. As a result, developing and marketing content can be lucrative if the right clients are targeted.


4). Copywriting:

Online businesses require excellent copies as part of their marketing and advertising efforts. These copies are necessary to convince their target audience of the efficiency of a product or to inform them of new products or educate them on how to use a product effectively. Brands always need copies, and this is just one example of the sectors that require copywriting services. Copywriters are in high demand across the media industry.


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5). Skit Making:

The production of skits has grown in recent times, presenting more opportunities in the Nigerian media industry. The growth has been substantial, and more innovators are entering the scene. Creating skits involves making short, educational, motivational, and often humorous video content on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Skit makers can become powerful social media influencers and position themselves for sponsorships and ads.


6). Radio Show:

A more traditional media business idea is starting a radio talk show. Radio stations have been a part of people’s daily routines for decades, making them an excellent way to reach a large audience. Starting a radio show puts one in a position of advantage to reach as many people as possible. It is important to choose a particular niche, develop interesting topics and content, and invite guests and listeners to contribute in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


7). TV Show:

Like radio shows, TV shows enjoy a massive audience across multiple towns, depending on the reach of the TV station. For TV shows, it is recommended to target favorable times of the day or week, such as evenings and weekends, when more people are spending quality time with their families watching TV.


8). Become a Social Media Influencer:

A social media influencer holds significant influence over the public and can shape public opinions on social media platforms. Their influence is often built over time because they are respected individuals in a particular sector whose opinions are considered valid by the public. Becoming a social media influencer requires effort and consistency, but it is highly rewarding in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. Influencers are in a good position for affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsorship deals.


9). Launch an E-Commerce Store:

Starting an online store is a reliable way to generate income through social media. Social media offers a vast audience to potential buyers who may be close to or near your brick-and-mortar business. Putting your products online gives you an advantage to connect with these people and turn them into customers in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.

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10). Podcasting:

Podcasts are audio versions of blogging. The objective of the podcast industry is to create engaging podcasts for individuals who are interested in a specific niche. With persistence, you are bound to establish a trustworthy audience over time, and you can monetize your platform through ads and sponsorships.


11). Blogging:

Many individuals have gained recognition in the blogging sector of the media industry. Blogging in Nigeria and other African countries requires consistency and hard work, but it can yield substantial returns if managed properly.

The key to success lies in creating content around topics that can capture the public’s interest, such as celebrity gossip, entertainment, and news.

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12). Social Media Community Manager:

A social media community manager is responsible for managing projects and communities of individuals united by common goals on a particular social media platform. These communities are often channels for brands and businesses and are opportunities to convert leads into customers.


13). Magazine Business:

Starting a magazine business requires the services of multiple professionals, such as column writers and photographers. This media business requires a significant amount of capital, as well as careful planning, as magazines do not have as large of a readership as newspapers. However, it can yield significant income if you choose a lucrative niche and target the right audience in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.

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14). Newspaper Editing:

For decades, newspapers have been a crucial part of people’s daily routines, from commercial drivers to civil servants. Not only do vendors benefit from this media business, but editors are also in a prime position.

A newspaper editor is responsible for the daily output of the media company. They proofread, vet, and edit news items as needed.


15). Content Strategy:

Developing content is not enough for brands to convert their leads into customers. It is also crucial to strategically plan this content to reach the right people at the right time and achieve the desired outcome. This is where a content strategist comes into play. A content strategist is responsible for turning ideas into actionable plans on social media in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. All digital brands and institutions that use social media need the services of a content strategist to ensure quality output.


16). Public Relations Services:

Every business, corporation, or public institution has a public relations department that promotes the organization in a positive light to the public. The department or individuals involved also handle information dissemination and other tasks.

The digitalization of businesses and public institutions has made public relations primarily a social media service, but it still remains an important service.


17). News Reporting:

Another common media business that can be started independently or with a full affiliation to a media company is news reporting. Most social media-based news outlets work with third-party reporters who report current events from their local area. On the other hand, you can work as a full-time journalist and reporter for a media company.


18). Jingles Production:

Jingles are short advertisements meant to be played during radio programs. Like other forms of advertising, jingles are designed to grab the public’s attention and encourage them to take action in favor of the advertiser.

Creating jingles requires specific technical expertise. A jingle production agency can work with radio and TV stations to reach a broad client base in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


19). Camera Retail Enterprise:

Cameras are essential tools in the media industry. Whether you’re a professional videographer or an aspiring YouTuber, cameras are an integral part of your daily operations. As such, starting a camera retail business is a smart idea in the media industry. Your prime customer base would include photographers, videographers, and YouTubers, among others.


20). Songwriting Venture:

Musicians often seek the services of talented songwriters to enhance their craft. This presents a fantastic opportunity for aspiring and talented singers who are willing to write and sell their songs to established artists who already have a wide reach.

Songwriting involves some legal considerations to protect the reputation of artists and the rights of the songwriter. However, this is a promising business idea with great potential in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


21). Video Game Development:

The video game industry is a lucrative market all around the world. Gamers are always on the lookout for new and exciting games that provide them with the perfect combination of thrill, excitement, and fun.

As a game developer, the opportunities are endless. You can partner with established gaming companies or start your own video game company, particularly in regions where the market is still growing, such as Africa.


22). Cinema Business:

Starting a cinema is a business opportunity that can be successful in both urban and suburban areas. Student communities can also be potential markets for a cinema business. It’s important to find a suitable location and place the cinema in an easily accessible area for both new and existing customers.

Additionally, offering services such as selling popcorn, drinks, and other food items can attract customers and increase revenue in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


23). Movie Production Business:

Nigeria is the largest movie producer in Africa, second only to India’s Bollywood. Given the growing entertainment industry in the African region, starting a movie production business can be a smart media business idea.

Movie production requires some capital and training, but you can learn from existing producers, take a movie production course, or hire trained professionals.


24). Reality Show Production:

This is a business opportunity in the media industry for investors with larger budgets. Producing a reality show in Nigeria or other parts of Africa requires significant expenses, but with proper sponsorships, planning, and advertising, there is potential for substantial returns.


25). Animation Design/Studio Business:

Although the movie production industry in Africa has not fully adopted animation, there is still potential for animators in other areas of the media industry, such as advertisement creation, skit making, and book design. This opens up opportunities for animators in the media industry in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.

One option is to start an animation studio where individual animators can come to work on their projects.


26). Website Design Business:

Websites are essential for modern brands to conduct business online. They not only provide information about the company but also enable transactions, such as bookings and inquiries.

Therefore, web designers and managers have a large and growing client base in today’s digital world.


27). Record Label:

The entertainment sector of the media industry offers numerous opportunities, including starting a record label. A record label is responsible for discovering and signing talented artists, managing their careers, and sponsoring their career-related activities in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.

Starting a record label requires expertise in several areas, including legal and managerial, so it is necessary to hire professionals.

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28). Talent Management Services:

Talent managers are responsible for identifying talented artists and overseeing their career decisions and activities. They play a crucial role in an artist’s team and often work with them for an extended period.


29). Voiceover Services:

Voiceover is a service in the animation industry that involves adding spoken dialogue to animated graphics. To become a voiceover artist, some training is required, but it is a worthwhile investment given the growing demand for voiceover artists in the anime industry.


30). App Development Services:

As a web designer or programmer, the tech world offers endless opportunities, especially as more industries are incorporating mobile applications into their services. Apps are used by businesses and brands to improve their services, sell products, and take bookings in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


31). Graphic Design Enterprise:

The media industry is a highly sought-after sector for graphic designers. From event flyers to album covers, logos, and more, graphic designers are constantly in demand. This industry encompasses everything from entertainment to print media, and there is always a need for creative and skilled graphic designers.

Starting a graphic design business puts one at the forefront of a lucrative and growing industry. Although extensive training is required to excel in this field, the rewards can be substantial.


32). Artistic Photography:

In addition to selling images online, one can also venture into the world of creative photography. This type of photography involves setting up unique and eye-catching scenes to capture memorable moments in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


33). E-book Publishing:

Printing and publishing books is a popular investment opportunity in the media industry. While traditional printed books still remain a profitable business, digital publishing has become increasingly popular as more and more people prefer reading e-books.


34). Film Directing:

Directing movies or music videos is a highly sought-after craft in the entertainment sector of the media industry. As the entertainment industry continues to thrive, movie directors are in the center of a profitable and growing industry.

To succeed as a film director, it’s important to learn the ins and outs of film production and come up with innovative ideas that can elevate the quality of the film and the industry as a whole.


35). Computer Gadget and Accessory Retail:

The continued digitization of the media industry has resulted in a constant demand for computers and related accessories. Retail businesses that sell these media-related gadgets can be a highly profitable venture. This type of business does require some capital to start, but with dedication and hard work, it can grow into a thriving enterprise.

The key to success in this business is building a large customer base and establishing a reliable delivery system in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


36). Establishing an Ad Network:

An ad network is a digital platform that connects businesses with their target audience. Ad networks play an important role by placing effective ad content for brands in the most productive locations.


37). Ad Design Business:

Ad designers are responsible for creating effective advertisements for a brand’s products or services. They determine the best format, such as image, text, banner, or video, to use in order to reach the target audience and inspire them to take action.


38). Newspaper Distribution:

Newspaper vending is a longstanding business in the media industry. To start this business, one needs a favorable location in town, such as a T-junction or a popular motor park, where people frequent.

Alternatively, one can also build a network of vendors who can distribute newspapers throughout the city. This is a common practice in many parts of Africa.


39). Music Streaming Platform:

Music streaming platforms are digital platforms that allow listeners from around the world to access their favorite songs and artists. Unlike the past, when artists relied on marketers and distributors to sell their music, streaming platforms have become a convenient and profitable avenue for both artists and entrepreneurs.

Starting a music streaming company can be a highly lucrative business opportunity with massive growth potential in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


40). Comic Book Design:

Designing anime videos is one thing, but creating children’s books using comic designs is a business opportunity in its own right. Both options are lucrative ideas in the media industry for graphic designers. Comic book designers can also partner with publishing houses and writers to bring their creations to life.


41). Children’s Textbook Design:

Designing textbooks for primary and secondary school students is a lucrative opportunity in the print sector of the media industry in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. The aim is to create textbooks that are easy to understand and engaging for the students.


42). Launch an E-Library:

Starting an e-library is a potentially profitable business idea that is largely untapped in many parts of Africa. While traditional physical libraries are prevalent, digital libraries are not as common, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs. An e-library offers convenience and saves users the time and effort of visiting physical libraries and browsing through heavy books, increasing its chances of success.


43). Television Advertising Campaign Design:

Television advertisements are highly effective as they combine audiovisual and textual elements to persuade viewers. Due to the fact that these advertisements are often repeated during commercial breaks, they increase the chances of success. Brands are willing to pay substantial sums for effective advertisements, making designing such ads or coming up with innovative advertising ideas and strategies a lucrative business in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


44). Social Media Marketing:

The world of social media is filled with numerous business opportunities, including marketing-related businesses. Entrepreneurs or investors can select a business of interest and choose a platform that best suits their needs. Social media provides unlimited access to a wide client base, making social media marketing a long-lasting and highly popular business.

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45). Make-Up Business:

The media industry is comprised of various show businesses, including photography and runway modeling. All of these require the services of professional make-up artists for quality output. Actors, singers, video vixens, photography models, runway models, and more all require the services of a make-up artist in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


46). Fashion Design:

The media industry is a prime platform for showcasing new fashion ideas. Singers, social media influencers, and artists regularly wear the latest fashion pieces during shows and interviews. As a fashion designer, one can create these pieces for entertainers or partner with modeling companies to host fashion shows for fashion enthusiasts to see and purchase.


47). Personal Assistance Services:

For those with limited capital, becoming a personal assistant is a viable option. Offering personal assistance services does not require any capital, but having strong organizational, planning, and problem-solving skills is essential in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


48). Show and Concert Organization:

African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana are known for their entertainment scenes, with shows and concerts taking place all year round, and the numbers tripling during festive seasons. Organizing shows and concerts featuring popular entertainers is a huge business in the media industry.


49). Music Recording Studio:

Opening a music recording studio is another way to break into the media industry. With the growing number of emerging musicians in Africa each year, opening a recording studio is likely to generate substantial income. Although it requires significant capital, especially for acquiring equipment, it holds great potential in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


50). Talent Hunt Business:

Identifying and nurturing young talents is a profitable business, particularly in Nigeria where there is a high demand for grassroots music talents looking for platforms to showcase their skills. This business involves organizing local shows and open-mic competitions for individuals to prove their abilities. Adequate planning is necessary for success in this business.


To Sum It Up

The media industry in Nigeria and Africa is a vast landscape of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike. With room for creative and innovative ideas, there are plenty of profitable business concepts to explore. If you’re seeking to launch a venture, consider one of the 50 potential business ideas in the media industry listed above as a starting point in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 50+ lucrative media business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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