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July 18, 2024
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Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Pledges full support for the Entrepreneurship Village – Africa’s Silicon Valley

The Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology, H.E Chief Uche Nnaji, has officially endorsed the Entrepreneurship Village and pledged unwavering support from his ministry for the ambitious Africa’s Silicon Valley Project in Ondo State.

Speaking in a close door meeting with representatives of the E-Village, Chief Nnaji highlighted the critical role that initiatives like the Entrepreneurship Village play in driving economic growth and technological advancement across the continent. He commended the vision behind the Entrepreneurship Village, emphasizing its potential to become a catalyst for innovation, job creation, and global competitiveness.

The Entrepreneurship Village, positioned as a hub for fostering startups, innovation, and collaboration, has garnered significant attention for its commitment to creating an ecosystem that supports emerging entrepreneurs in the technology and innovation space for not just Ondo State but the entire African continent.

Chief Nnaji expressed his confidence in the transformative impact of such initiatives on the nation’s economic landscape, stating, “The Entrepreneurship Village represents a crucial step toward positioning Africa as a hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology is fully committed to supporting this endeavor and ensuring its success.”

Africa’s Silicon Valley Project, an ambitious initiative aimed at establishing a business and tech hub comparable to the renowned Silicon Valley in the United States, has gained momentum in recent months which is a big one for Ondo State as the project is driving a lot of global attention both internationally and locally thereby exposing the state, it’s now paramount to say the future is bright for young entrepreneurs, startups, MSME and business enthusiast. With Chief Nnaji’s endorsement, the project is set to receive heightened attention and resources to propel it towards its goal of becoming a global center for technological innovation in Ondo State.

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