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February 21, 2024
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Group tells Aiyedatiwa to name deputy governor within constitutional timeframe |

Ondo State Conscious Movement has urged the new Ondo State governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, to urgently nominate a deputy governor within the constitutionally stipulated timeframe.

The organisation stressed the need for the governor to allow the rule of law to reign supreme to foster an era of unity, progress, and the enhanced welfare of the people.
Chairman of the group, Shalom Olaseni in a statement on Thursday also expressed the organisation’s condolences to the grieving family of former Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN; the Ondo State Government, and the resilient people of Ondo State.
Olaseni said that the late governor’s indomitable spirit, courage, and tenacity in the face of leukaemia’s relentless grip have left an indelible mark on the people’s hearts.

He said: “Governor Akeredolu, a paragon of unwavering determination, navigated the tumultuous waters of his illness with grace and fortitude, embodying the very essence of leadership. Today, we bow our heads in reverence, reflecting upon the tireless efforts he invested in securing the lives of Ondo State citizens, particularly through the visionary Amotekun initiative. His legacy in this regard is not just a chapter in our history but a living testament to the resilience of a man who spoke truth to power.
“As we mourn the departure of a political titan, let it be known that the Ondo State Conscience Movement stands in unwavering solidarity with those profoundly affected by this loss. We pay homage to Governor Akeredolu’s exemplary service, his foresight, and the enduring impact of his leadership, pledging to carry the torch of his ideals into the future.
“In the wake of this sombre moment, we extend our warmest congratulations to Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, who now shoulders the weight of leadership. In this transitional period, we implore Governor Aiyedatiwa to ascend with courage, fairness, and a resolute commitment to the principles of good governance. The challenges that lie ahead demand not just a leader but a visionary who can navigate the intricacies of our state with sagacity and impartiality.

“Ondo State Conscience Movement calls upon Governor Aiyedatiwa to seize this opportunity to entrench responsive governance and leadership that reflects the aspirations of the people. Selecting a cabinet comprised of only the brightest and most capable minds will be crucial in perpetuating the legacy left by Governor Akeredolu.
“Recognizing the leadership vacuum left in the wake of critical health challenges and political rifts, we urge the new governor to swiftly address this by nominating a Deputy-Governor within the constitutionally stipulated timeframe.
“In this pivotal juncture, let the rule of law reign supreme, fostering an era of unity, progress, and the enhanced welfare of the people. As Governor Aiyedatiwa embarks on this arduous yet honourable journey, the Ondo State Conscience Movement wishes him unparalleled success. May the indomitable spirit of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu inspire and guide the state toward an era of prosperity under his sagacious leadership.”

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