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May 23, 2024
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Barr. Oluseye Olujimi: An ideal personality for PDP Deputy Governorship slot

Barrister Oluseye Olujimi embodies the qualities of an exceptional leader and is the ideal candidate for the position of Deputy Governor of Ondo State under the PDP ticket. As a home-based youth, Olujimi understands the local dynamics and challenges faced by the youth in Ondo State, providing him with a unique perspective on how to address their needs effectively.

Olujimi’s international exposure and network are invaluable assets in today’s globalized world. His experiences abroad have equipped him with a broad understanding of global best practices, which he can adapt and implement for the benefit of Ondo State. Additionally, his extensive network of contacts both within and outside the country can be leveraged to attract investments, foster partnerships, and promote economic growth in the state.

As a lawyer, businessman, and administrator par excellence, Olujimi brings a diverse skill set to the table. His legal expertise ensures that governance is conducted within the framework of the law, promoting transparency and accountability. Furthermore, his experience as a businessman equips him with the acumen to drive economic development and create opportunities for job creation and wealth generation.

His leadership within the party as the Incumbent State Secretary of the PDP exemplifies his commitment to advancing the party’s agenda and fostering cohesion within its ranks. Moreover, his tenure as the immediate past chairman of the Young Lawyers Association in Akure branch highlights his leadership prowess.

As a philanthropist, Olujimi’s altruistic endeavors transcend political affiliations, touching lives irrespective of social status or party allegiance. His dedication to community service underscores his genuine commitment to uplifting the welfare of the people, reflecting the values of empathy and compassion central to effective governance.

Olujimi’s role as a rallying point among Ondo State youth and within the PDP is a testament to his ability to inspire and mobilize people towards a common goal. His leadership within the youth community will ensure that their voices are heard and their concerns addressed in the decision-making process. Moreover, his popularity within the PDP makes him a unifying figure who can bridge divides and foster unity within the party.

As a digital and smart support system for His Excellency Ajayi Alfred Agboola, Olujimi will bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table. His proficiency in digital technologies will enhance the government’s efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services to the people. Additionally, his strategic thinking and problem-solving skills will complement the leadership of H.E Agboola Ajayi ensuring that the ship of Ondo State sails smoothly towards progress and prosperity.

In conclusion, Barrister Oluseye Olujimi’s blend of local understanding, international exposure, legal acumen, business savvy, and leadership qualities make him the perfect choice for Deputy Governor/ Running Mate of Ondo State under the PDP. With him by His Excellency Agboola Ajayi side, Ondo State can chart a course towards a brighter future, not just for itself but for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

….Written by: Adebowale Jegede, Convener, Ondo Resurgence Professionals Forum.

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