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June 25, 2024
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Idanre and Its Strategic Importance In Ondo State Politics

By: Ayodeji Akinsulire

The political importance of Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo, has now come to the front burner of Ondo State politics; ahead of the 2024 governorship election in the Sunshine State.

The rocky city of Idanre is traditionally known for its political uniqueness of often speaking with one loud voice during elections. People of the rocky town are known for their consistency in always supporting and voting massively for any political candidate that is convenrionally endorsed by the people.

It is a fact that Governor Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa is the endorsed gubernatorial candidate of the vast majority of the people of Idanre. This much was proven during the April governorship primary election. So much grassroots mobilization had been undertaken by certain political leaders in Idanre, for the candidacy of Governor Aiyedatiwa. There is every evidence to convince that the good people of Idanre have resolutely bought into the candidacy of Aiyedatiwa.

Aside the likelihood that the people of Idanre are already itching to deliver unprecedentedly huge number of votes for Governor Aiyedatiwa during the November 16, 2024 election; the votes from Idanre could still be far more if given a sense a belonging on the election ticket.

The political mood in Idanre at the moment is that of a sense of belonging in the governorship project of Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa. It is on record that no Idanre indegene has ever been a governor or deputy governor in the political history of the Sunshine State. Whilst the people of Idanre are pretty itching to have one of their own as the running mate of Governor Aiyedatiwa; fairness also demands that the town should be given a sense of belonging for once, in the political equation of Ondo State.

Going by the immeasurable love of the people of Idanre for Aiyedatiwa, the chances that the largest cocoa producing town will give near maximum votes to the governor on November 16, 2024 is very high. Massive mobilization of all over 70,000 registered voters in Idanre as well as block voting for the APC is naturally expected; if one of their own could be allowed as the running mate of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

In addition to the likelihood of massive and block votes for the APC in the November governorship election, a good number of Idanre people are resident in
and working in Akure and other towns across Ondo State. These people are also known to have inter-married with people from other local governments in Ondo. These cummulative factors are expected to deliver higher votes to Governor Aiyedatiwa in the November 2024 election.

The rocky town of Idanre also has a double edge advantages of having a youthful and manifestly popular son that is eminetly qualified to vie for the position of deputy governor. The popularity and acceptability of this Idanre son cannot in good conscience be downplayed. It is arguable however, that the soaring influence and popularity of this golden son of Idanre town has permeated nearly all the 18-local government areas of Ondo State.

Another advantage that Idanre stands to harvest is the fact of its teeming youthful population that are resident in Idanre and other towns in Ondo State. This demographic set are uncompromisingly prepared to mobilize other youths across the Sunshine State to work for and vote for Lucky Aiyedatiwa come November 2024. Naturally, Ondo State youths are expected to see a governorship ticket that has a fellow youth as a running mate, as their own project. The youths will even be prepared to go the extra mile to galvanize the support of their fellow youths as well as the elderly, in a bid to ensure overwhelming victory for Governor Aiyedatiwa.

Another icing on the cake of having a youthful Idanre born politician as the running mate of Governor Aiyedatiwa is the strength of religious balancing. Idanre is perhaps, the one Local Government Area with a prominent politician, who is also as practising Muslim. The Muslim community in Ondo State has since been complaining of unfair exclusion of Muslims from positions of authority and relevamce in the Sunshine State in the last seven years.

Alhaji Tajjudeen Adefisoye is an Idanre born politician that is unrepentantly committed to the governorship project of Governor Aiyedatiwa. He even saw the light ahead of other politicians; and openly declared support for Aiyedatiwa, when the governorship projects was even still at its infancy stage.

Small Alhaji, as he is popularly known, is a party man true and true. He is reputed for his ‘Omoluabi ethos, bridge building ability and the strength of grassroots mobilization. The entrepreneur is undoubtedly a committed, faithful and completely loyal member of the All Progressive Congress (APC). He is quite bold and undeniably courageous; yet he subscribes totally to the supremacy of the APC. The deft combination of legislative experience with administrative acumen stands him out as a capable running mate of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

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