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Mr Olorunfemi Bola Williams

Mr Olorunfemi Bola Williams aka Mr Best was born into a polygamous family with 22 children. He lost his father at the tender age of 1 and being the last child of his mother he grew up with relatives who were able to raise him and train him in school.

At the time, his environment was educationally disadvantaged with no access to good quality education. This led him to plateau state where he had to further his education.

He tried his hands on a lot of things as he hustled to see himself through school. He was very proactive and he learned many skills he in order to survive.
Barbing was one of those skills he got and he mastered, he loved barbing but had no funds to establish his own salon. He kept working with other people in between holidays and breaks from school.

A major lesson he shared was his ability to keep the dream of owning his own salon and his proactiveness to try other things in order to raise the funds for his first shop.
He couldn’t afford the shop rental fee which was 300k at the time but he had with which he had some funds with which he learnt a new skill in epoxy resin design making. With this skill he was able to secure a few jobs which he used to pay for the rent.

The twist in the story happens when in an awkward situation, the shop was fully paid for but there was absolutely no furnishing.
All he had was one clipper and an apron which he had kept for years. He had to borrow a stool from his neighbor everytime he wanted to give a haircut to a custoMERS.

Mr Best and Aje Abisola
The Stool with which he started the Business. Inset

Although this might seem like an embarrassing situation, Mr Best was however unfazed and determined. He was not afraid or ashamed to start small in his empty unfurnished shop.
The shop may have been empty but his heart and mind was definitely not.

His hardwork and consistency paid off as his business began to grow gradually. He set up his salon in 2018 and within 3years his business has been  able to accommodate 8 employees on full salary and 7 interns. 15 young people off the streets because one Entrepreneur decided to build his business and equally create jobs.

Mr Best and some of his employees.

Right now Mr Best not only runs his barbing salon, Best Salon Services and Spa located along Oda Road Akure. H also runs other businesses such as a farm, cashew  processing company and a couple of other ventures.

Long term, Mr Olorunfemi Bola Williams sees his businesses becoming a global phenomenon.

If he could do it against all odds, #YouTooCan.

Facebook: Best Salon Services & Hair Clinic

IG: best_salonhairclinic

Email: [email protected]

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